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InfraStrategies is serving as consultant and strategic advisor to Exodigo, Inc., a ​newly established company that has developed an advanced technology ​solution to underground utility mapping and geotechnical ​investigation.Exodigo’s technology employs a connected array of state-of-the-​art sensors and advanced AI applications that facilitate identification and ​mapping of underground facilities without the need for excavation or ​extensive potholing. The technology is far more cost-effective and generally ​more accurate than conventional methods. Exodigo has been successful at ​developing subsurface maps for a variety of public and private organizations ​engaged in infrastructure engineering and construction.InfraStrategies is ​supporting Exodigo with development of market strategies, connections to ​numerous public authorities, transit agencies and private engineering and ​construction companies, and guidance in developing approaches to ​introducing new technology to a relatively static market.

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