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Financial Services

InfraStrategies works with our clients to identify and secure ​federal, state, regional, local, and private funding and ​financing opportunities to advance projects. We prepare grant ​applications, FTA financial plans, and help position projects to ​compete for critical federal and state dollars. We work ​alongside our clients to develop strategic financial planning ​and modeling tools to support informed decisions and test ​the impact of key decisions on developing, prioritizing, ​phasing, segmenting, and funding agency priorities. We ​validate cost and revenue assumptions and provide ​recommendations based on the current state of the ​infrastructure industry. We work with project sponsors to ​develop business cases, prepare strategic plans, design ​program acceleration strategies, assess project feasibility, ​identify strategies to maximize federal funds, prepare FTA ​financial plans, conduct benefit-cost analyses and economic ​modeling, provide advice and support for federal and state ​financing tools such as TIFIA or RRIF, develop strategic and ​long-range financial plans, and perform various studies and ​financial analyses to support project development and ​implementation.

  • Funding and Financing Opportunities Assessments
  • Financial Strategies
  • Financial Plans
  • Cost and Revenue Assumption Evaluations
  • Financial Modeling
  • Financial and Strategic Advisory
  • FTA Capital Investment Grant Program Strategy
  • FTA Capital Investment Grant Program Financial Plan and ​20-Year Cash Flow
  • Grant and Loan Strategy and Advisory
  • Grant and Loan Application Support
  • Benefit-Cost Analyses and Economic Modeling
  • Financial and Strategic Advisory

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