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P3 & Innovative ​Technology

InfraStrategies has advised on several advanced and innovative ​technologies in the infrastructure space, providing advisory and ​oversight services and identifying funding and financing ​opportunities for technology developers. This is a unique and ​specialized application of our capabilities and expertise and is ​becoming an increasingly critical element of infrastructure ​development as climate change and resiliency demands new ​solutions that are carbon neutral and non-polluting. We have ​supported projects involving autonomous and connected vehicle ​systems, including proprietary work in both individual and mass ​transit. We have also worked closely with electric bus ​manufacturers and developers of new systems technology, ​including advanced monorail systems and hyperloop applications. ​We have advised on the funding and conceptual design of ​systems testing and certification facilities for advanced ​technology transport systems.

  • Technology Assessment
  • Technology Development and Deployment Funding
  • Unsolicited Proposal Support for Technology Implementation
  • Industry Needs Assessment
  • Technology Screening Advisory
  • Research and Development and Testing Facilities
  • Pairing Technology Developers with Potential Users

Self Driving Autonomous Cars on Highway
People Using a Shuttle Transfer Service