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Program ​Management

InfraStrategies provides core services for a variety of program ​and project management projects. We have broad expertise ​in transit, highway, and toll facility projects, working with ​clients in both the public and private sectors. We have ​provided both advisory services and supplied dedicated staff ​for major projects as part of an integrated team of agency ​staff and subject matter experts. We have worked on multi-​billion-dollar transit projects, including the Honolulu Rail ​Transit Project and the San Diego Mid-Coast Corridor Light ​Rail Program, which are both currently under construction. We ​provide financial and technical services for projects, bringing ​our financial and economics expertise and transportation ​planning and technology knowledge, either through providing ​advisory and oversight services or dedicating individuals to be ​part of an integrated public/private project team. Our team ​also brings experience in project management under a variety ​of P3 models, from providing recommendations for specific ​project delivery protocols to managing discrete aspects of P3 ​delivery teams.

  • Program Management of Major Transportation Programs
  • Stage Gate Design and Implementation
  • Project Management and Staff Augmentation
  • Program Oversight
  • Organization Design and Readiness
  • Public-Private Partnership Project Management

Infrastructure Construct Concepts, Construction of a Mass Transi
Construction project managment