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The Stitch and the Atlanta Downtown ​Improvement District (ADID)

Strategic Financial Advisory and USDOT

RAISE Grant Services

InfraStrategies conducted a project financial assessment, recommended key ​financial strategies, and developed a preliminary financial plan for the Stitch, a ​$700 million transformative highway cap project located in Downtown Atlanta. ​Based on this review, the team identified several key federal, state, local, and ​private opportunities that could be pursued to advance the project into ​planning and engineering, fund capital construction, and/or support long-term ​operations and maintenance costs. Short-listed federal funding opportunities ​included the USDOT Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and ​Equity (RAISE) grant program, Community Project Funding, and the USDOT ​Reconnecting Communities Pilot grant program. The Stitch has since received ​a total of $3.2 million in federal funds from these three opportunities over the ​past two years to advance the project further into design.

InfraStrategies supported the ADID in preparing and submitting a USDOT ​RAISE planning grant application for the Stitch, which resulted in a successful ​$900,000 RAISE planning grant award in November 2021. The Stich used the ​$900,000 RAISE grant award to advance the Stitch and conduct a robust ​planning process. In March 2022, Congresswoman Nikima Williams (GA-05) ​announced a $1.16 million award in Community Project Funding for the Stitch. ​This funding is being used by the ADID to advance the project into the ​concept design and engineering phases. Just one year later, in March 2023, ​the Stitch was awarded a $1.1 million Reconnecting Communities Pilot ​program grant award.