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Aerial View of the Buildings in Dallas, Texas
Dallas DART Light Rail Train, Wide Angle

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

10-Year Strategic Plan

InfraStrategies is working with Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) to develop a ​10-year strategic plan with an emphasis on the organization’s pivot from a ​program focused on capital expansion to one focused on operations. Major ​tasks include facilitating executive team and DART Board workshops, ​stakeholder mapping, analyzing data for key trends, conducting stakeholder ​and thought leader interviews, and leading multiple rounds of meetings with ​25+ departments and teams across DART to develop the agency’s mission, ​vision, goals, initiatives, and related KPIs. The plan will establish the direction ​of the organization over a 10-year horizon to create alignment and ​accountability within the agency, focus DART’s time and resources on critical ​priorities, and communicate goals to the community and stakeholders.

Key Service Areas

Key Staff Members

Joshua Schank

Emma Huang