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Downtown in San Francisco

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)

Strategic Advisory and Program Management ​Services for the New Transbay Rail Crossing (Link21)

InfraStrategies is leading the strategic advisory services for the unprecedented ​development of BART and conventional rail expansions to tie together the ​Northern California megaregion with new crossings of the San Francisco Bay ​and other improvements. The megaregion covers over 12.5 million people in ​21 counties, with an economy of over $1 trillion, and over 50 transit providers. ​Specific strategic advisory areas include funding and financing strategies, team ​organization and optimization, assessing BART organizational capabilities, ​capacity, and how to efficiently provide the services needed, development of ​the business case for advancing alternatives in alignment with strategic ​priorities, stakeholder engagement, and governance issues among multiple ​stakeholders throughout the megaregion.