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Lane Transit District (LTD)

Strategic Framework for Community Engagement

InfraStrategies is currently working with Lane Transit District (LTD) to build a ​new relationship with their community. Upon direction from their new CEO, ​LTD determined that the way it engaged with stakeholders and community ​members needed to change. LTD engaged InfraStrategies to help with this ​reset. InfraStrategies began by analyzing previous documents and interviewing ​key stakeholders to better understand what had happened in the past. Work ​was informed by the development of a survey to gather better data on how ​stakeholders might prefer to interact with the agency. InfraStrategies helped ​LTD assemble and lead a Community Steering Council, composed of a cross-​section of community members, transit riders, and other stakeholders, to ​develop a strategic plan for communications for LTD that would better serve ​everyone going forward.

Key Service Areas

Key Staff Members

Joshua Schank

Emma Huang