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Northern Virginia Transportation ​Commission (NVTC)

Northern Virginia Zero-Emission Bus Strategic Plan

InfraStrategies was part of the consultant team that developed the Northern ​Virginia Zero-Emission Bus Strategic Plan for the Northern Virginia ​Transportation Commission (NVTC). The plan was published in January 2024.

Northern Virginia transit agencies covered by this plan are: City of Alexandria ​(DASH), Arlington Transit (ART), Fairfax City-University Energysaver (CUE), ​Fairfax Connector, Loudoun County Transit (LCT) and OmniRide.

The plan identifies six strategies to support Northern Virginia transit agencies’ ​zero-emission bus (ZEB) transitions over the next five years:

  1. Serve as a Regional ZEB Forum
  2. Advocate for Consistent and Supportive ZEB Standards and Policies
  3. Provide Regional ZEB Funding Coordination
  4. Support Development of Shared BEB Charging Infrastructure
  5. Evaluate Opportunities for Private Partnerships Related to ZEBs
  6. Support ZEB Workforce Training and Education

Actions, or steps, are described for each strategy and are categorized into a ​phased five-year implementation plan. The NVTC-led actions complement and ​leverage individual agencies’ ZEB transition plans and broader regional ZEB ​initiatives.

The plan also discusses ZEB industry trends, shared infrastructure ​opportunities, supportive policies and standards, regional collaboration and ​coordination needs and funding opportunities.

As the next phase of work, InfraStrategies is supporting NVTC in implementing ​initial recommendations from the Plan.