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Strategic Plan and Financial Model

InfraStrategies is responsible for developing a strategic plan that will underpin ​the Capital Investment Program and Measure W 10-Year Budget Framework ​for the District. The District has a particularly complex governance system, ​which requires skillful management of internal agency dynamics. ​InfraStrategies tasks include identifying key trends and best practices, leading ​an employee survey, partner agency meetings, peer and thought leader ​interviews, multiple rounds of department meetings, executive team ​workshops, and Board workshops to develop the mission, vision, goals, ​initiatives, and action plan for the District.

InfraStrategies is also leading the development of a high-level financial model ​to support the Measure W 10-Year Budget Framework and Capital ​Improvement Program. InfraStrategies is forecasting revenues in order to ​adjust and align the priority and scheduling of major projects and initiatives ​with available annual funding. The model will also be used to conduct a ​detailed funding gap analysis and assess financial strategies to close the gap.