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Strategic Solutions to Advance Mobility

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We offer unbiased strategic advice to ​infrastructure leaders to advance the goals of ​improved mobility, equity, and quality of life.

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We partner with our clients to solve ​multidimensional challenges and advance ​mobility for tomorrow‘s communities.

tomorrow’s communities.

Recent News

InfraStrategies Expands Presence in Los Angeles and Atlanta

In early 2024, InfraStrategies opened two new offices in Los Angeles ​and Atlanta. InfraStrategies recently hired Jon Ravenelle, who is based ​in our new Atlanta office, and Erin Barry, who is based in our new Los ​Angeles office. Please access the full press ​release here.

Congratulations to Sophie Guiny on becoming President of the

WTS-DC Chapter! She is pictured here at last year's holiday party with 2024 ​WTS-DC Executive Board members Kathleen (Katie) Kraft, Shelley Wynne, ​PE, PTOE, Ellie McCurdy, and Cerasela Cristei, PhD, PE, PMP.

Congratulations to the 14 transit projects included in the Federal Transit ​Administration’s historic announcement of nearly $4 billion in federal ​support as part of President Biden's 2025 Budget Request to Congress! We ​are thrilled to see over $1 billion requested for our agency partners in​ San Francisco (SFCTA), Chicago (CTA), and San ​Antonio (VIA)!